Date Night Outfit

My husband and I went out last weekend, and I wore one of my favorite dresses:

Target dress hufflepuff fashion just and loyal


Dress: This dress is from Target, but they just phased it out – but now, it’s available at Goodwill! Target donates unsold mercy to Goodwill, so you can find some great stuff for cheap.

Shoes: Topline Sandals from Amazon. These were a great deal for the price!

Purse: This little purse is from Wal-Mart. It was only $10 and is the perfect size for a night out on the town!


A great weekend for lounging

It’s the weekend! I feel like the last few weeks have been really busy, but this weekend I’ll finally get a chance to relax a bit. Luckily, I have the perfect outfit:

Just and Loyal hufflepuff blog the elephant pants Mona Harem pants

These super comfy pants are from The Elephant Pants! I saw their stuff on social media for years before finally deciding to try a pair, and I loved them so much I bought another one. They’re super comfy and lightweight, plus they’re adorable.


Shirt: Basic tank from Walmart

Pants: Mona Harem Pants from TheElephantPants.com

Bonus: the weekend also means more time for snuggling with Oscar!

Seal point Ragdoll cat hufflepuff style blog just and loyal


I Solemnly Swear I’m About to go Swimming

I seriously did not go swimming once this summer, and I was super bummed. But luckily, I finally got the chance today, which means I finally got to wear my new Marauders Map swimsuit!


Swimsuit: Marauders Map Swimsuit from Hot Topic

Sunglasses: Amador Glasses from Fresh Produce


Hanging on to Summer: Forever 21 Floral Shorts

Summer is almost over, and I’m not ready to let go… but luckily it’s still warm here in CO, so I can pretend it will stay warm forever! ☀️

I found these great black and yellow floral shorts that are perfect for a Hufflepuff at the end of summer:

Forever 21 floral shorts hufflepuff fashion just and loyal

Forever 21 floral shorts hufflepuff fashion just and loyal


Shirt: Basic T from Target, Mossimo brand

Shorts: Forever 21 High Rise Floral Shorts, which are available in both plus and regular sizes! The plus ones are on sale for $11, which is how I got them. Score!

PS- Huge shoutout to Alyse of Oxenford Photography for these amazing photos! We had a photoshoot this weekend and she took fabulous pics of this outfit amd a few others – I can’t wait to share the rest with you!

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom #2 – Stay Close to People Who Feel Like Sunshine

Stay close to people who feel like sunshine hufflepuff quote just and loyal blog

Stay close to people who feel like sunshine. Grab onto the people who make you feel warm and happy every time you see them. Don’t lose the ones who brighten your day each time you see them. Stay close to people who feel like sunshine – especially if those people are Hufflepuffs.


My Fave Yoga Outfit

Fun fact: I love doing yoga!

Hufflepuff yoga style just and loyal under armour girlfriend collective

Lately my husband and I have been doing yoga at an adorable studio here in Loveland, Loveland Yoga and Core Fitness. They’re amazing – if you are ever looking for yoga in Northern Colorado, I highly recommend them.

Hufflepuff yoga style just and loyal under armour girlfriend collective

This is my favorite yoga outfit!


Shirt: The shirt is a heat-gear tank top from Under Armour! Under Armour is my go-to workout brand, I love how light and cool all of their clothes are.

Leggings: These leggings are from Girlfriend Collective, and they’re actually made from recycled water bottles! They’ve got just the right amount of compression, and they’re warm enough to wear with regular outfits, but light enough to work out in.

So if you’re looking for new yoga gear, this is what I recommend! Anyone know any brands I should try?


Weekend Donut Eating Outfit

Happy Fri-yay! It’s been a really long week, and I am ready to kick back, relax, and eat some donuts. If you’re in the Northern Colorado area, I highly recommend FoCo DoCo in Old Town Fort Collins – they’re delicious!

Just and Loyal Hufflepuff Style Blog FOCO DoCo fort Collins Donut Company


Dress: I love this casual summer dress from Target! It’s from their Mossimo brand. I got this last year so this specific dress isn’t available anymore, but they have a ton of other great options.

Hat: I actually got this hat a few years ago through my sorority, but I found this similar one from San Diego Hat Company Hat on Zappos if you want to get your own!

Here’s hoping your weekend is as donut-filled as mine!


TJ Maxx outfit for $20

I do a lot of my shopping at TJ Maxx! It takes some searching, but I feel like there’s always some great deals there.

TJ Maxx outfit just and loyal hufflepuff style

I found this entire outfit there last night for $20! I wore it out to the Fort Collins Peach festival, where I got a very delicious peach margarita, a tasty Peaches n’ Cream pop from Revolution Artisan Pops, and we sampled some peach cider from Summit Cider!


Shirt: This off-the-shoulder top is from a company called Love Tree, and was on clearance for $8!

Jeans: The jeans are American Eagle jeans! I love American Eagle, so I was super excited to find this pair for $12. They’re from AE’s Super Super Stretch line, and they’re seriously so comfortable. I don’t think these specific jeans are available anymore, but they have another line of stretchy skinny jeans that are fab too!

Makeup: I tried out a new liquid lipstick from ColourPop Cosmetics, and I really liked it! Plus, it’s only $6! I’m wearing their “Dopey” shade.

I got some other great finds at TJ Maxx last night too, which I can’t wait to share with you in future posts! 💛

Outfits, Travel

Weekend Trip to AZ

We’re about to leave for a weekend trip to Arizona! I’ll be visiting both Tucson and Mesa. Anywhere I should check out?

Just and Loyal blog Hufflepuff style torrid shorts

I’m definitely packing this outfit, it’s been one of my go-tos for the summer.



Shirt: The shirt is one of Target’s A New Day basic tees. I love the way the fabric flows!

Shorts: The shorts are from Torrid! I got them on clearance for $8 earlier this summer and they are fabulous. They’re super light and comfortable, and they actually have an inner lining so you don’t accidentally expose anything you don’t mean to!

Wherever your weekend takes you, I hope it’s great!