It Finally Feels like Fall…

So put on your favorite thrift store sweater and enjoy the weather!


A great weekend for lounging

It’s the weekend! I feel like the last few weeks have been really busy, but this weekend I’ll finally get a chance to relax a bit. Luckily, I have the perfect outfit:

Just and Loyal hufflepuff blog the elephant pants Mona Harem pants

These super comfy pants are from The Elephant Pants! I saw their stuff on social media for years before finally deciding to try a pair, and I loved them so much I bought another one. They’re super comfy and lightweight, plus they’re adorable.


Shirt: Basic tank from Walmart

Pants: Mona Harem Pants from TheElephantPants.com

Bonus: the weekend also means more time for snuggling with Oscar!

Seal point Ragdoll cat hufflepuff style blog just and loyal


Hanging on to Summer: Forever 21 Floral Shorts

Summer is almost over, and I’m not ready to let go… but luckily it’s still warm here in CO, so I can pretend it will stay warm forever! ☀️

I found these great black and yellow floral shorts that are perfect for a Hufflepuff at the end of summer:

Forever 21 floral shorts hufflepuff fashion just and loyal

Forever 21 floral shorts hufflepuff fashion just and loyal


Shirt: Basic T from Target, Mossimo brand

Shorts: Forever 21 High Rise Floral Shorts, which are available in both plus and regular sizes! The plus ones are on sale for $11, which is how I got them. Score!

PS- Huge shoutout to Alyse of Oxenford Photography for these amazing photos! We had a photoshoot this weekend and she took fabulous pics of this outfit amd a few others – I can’t wait to share the rest with you!