It Finally Feels like Fall…

So put on your favorite thrift store sweater and enjoy the weather!


Date Night Outfit

My husband and I went out last weekend, and I wore one of my favorite dresses:

Target dress hufflepuff fashion just and loyal


Dress: This dress is from Target, but they just phased it out – but now, it’s available at Goodwill! Target donates unsold mercy to Goodwill, so you can find some great stuff for cheap.

Shoes: Topline Sandals from Amazon. These were a great deal for the price!

Purse: This little purse is from Wal-Mart. It was only $10 and is the perfect size for a night out on the town!

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom #2 – Stay Close to People Who Feel Like Sunshine

Stay close to people who feel like sunshine hufflepuff quote just and loyal blog

Stay close to people who feel like sunshine. Grab onto the people who make you feel warm and happy every time you see them. Don’t lose the ones who brighten your day each time you see them. Stay close to people who feel like sunshine – especially if those people are Hufflepuffs.


My Fave Yoga Outfit

Fun fact: I love doing yoga!

Hufflepuff yoga style just and loyal under armour girlfriend collective

Lately my husband and I have been doing yoga at an adorable studio here in Loveland, Loveland Yoga and Core Fitness. They’re amazing – if you are ever looking for yoga in Northern Colorado, I highly recommend them.

Hufflepuff yoga style just and loyal under armour girlfriend collective

This is my favorite yoga outfit!


Shirt: The shirt is a heat-gear tank top from Under Armour! Under Armour is my go-to workout brand, I love how light and cool all of their clothes are.

Leggings: These leggings are from Girlfriend Collective, and they’re actually made from recycled water bottles! They’ve got just the right amount of compression, and they’re warm enough to wear with regular outfits, but light enough to work out in.

So if you’re looking for new yoga gear, this is what I recommend! Anyone know any brands I should try?

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom #1

Just be you! 🙂

Happy hump day everyone! I felt like sharing some #WednesdayWisdom with you all today (and I’ll probably make this a regular thing)!

I thought this sentiment was a very Hufflepuff idea – after all, Helga Hufflepuff wanted to admit every magical kid to Hogwarts, no matter what they were like.

So just be you, because Helga would love and support you no matter what! 💛

DIYs, Outfits


Welcome friends!! My name is Sara and I’m so excited to share all the nerdy things I wear and do with you all 💛

This is one of my favorite outfits, what I call my casual weekend Hufflepuff outfit!

Just and loyal hufflepuff style blog casual weekend hufflepuff outfit


Shirt: The shirt is from Prince and Fox, which is an Aeropostale  brand! I got it on sale for like $8 a couple years ago before I even thought of doing this blog, but I literally bought it because it was Hufflepuff colors.

I’m also wearing a Hogwarts house crest pin from this set!

Shorts: I got some vintage 90s Arizona mom jeans from Goodwill last summer and I made my own high-waisted cutoffs! I love(d) these shorts so much, but unfortunately they’re quite snug now, so I recently had to scour the thrift stores for a new pair of mom jeans to turn into cutoffs (tutorial on how to do that well coming soon)

Hat: I made my hat by taking a Hufflepuff patch from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios LA and sewing it onto a hat I bought at Walmart! I couldn’t find a yellow one so I actually dyed this hat, it used to be white.

Shoes: You can’t see them, but I’m wearing Madlove fake birks from Target, which are super comfy and super affordable.

Wand: My husband and I made our own wands a few years ago! We used this amazing tutorial. Unfortunately the clay we used to coat our wands has started to crack, so keep an eye out for a walk-through on those if we replace our current ones!